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Drone Ace App for parrot drone pilots


Ace app is for those who want to control their Parrot drone through their phone, and need a specialized Parrot drone app for that. It is obvious that choosing among the many drone apps available is very difficult as there are a variety of things to consider when installing a quality app to control your Parrot drone.

Drone Ace: A Parrot Drone App

Parrot Drone Ace app

Drone Ace is an iPhone control app which offers more features than the typical drone app. Comparing it to AR Freeflight 2, they have similar options and controls, but Drone Ace takes a step further. With its affordable price and host of the feature-rich interface, many raves about the new app for Apple drone users.

The Drone Ace offers so many more controls than any other Parrot Drone app. You can find different modes to help control your drone excellently. Plus, you can combine your controls to use together, with up to 96 possible control style combos to find out how YOU want to fly.

Another unique feature the Drone Ace has is its Fling Joystick. The app supports the Ten-One Fling controllers for the iPad, so you have full control over the drone’s Fling controllers. It makes the drone easier to fly instead of using your screen and risking unexpected turns.

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Drone Ace Features

Drone Ace is the most feature rich app available to control your AR.Drone. No other app provides video recording, image capture, object tracking, autonomous flight, pre programmed drone animations, and light control all in the same app.

With the Drone Ace app, you have the ability to record live videos from your drone’s front or bottom cameras. This app’s the only one you can use to record videos from your drone AND combine that with audio recording. Plus, you can upload it straight to your camera roll, upload it on YouTube, or edit it with iMovi .

Drone Ace provides for 26 possible combinations control options allowing you to find the way you like to fly.

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Drone Ace Features

Drone Ace App Features

Tired of adjusting your settings every time you reset your drone? Drone Ace saves your settings so that even after your drone is reset or controlled with another app your settings will remain unchanged in Drone Ace.

Have two or more device’s? Watch and record video from your iPad while controlling the drone from your iPhone. To use this feature, just connect the device you want to control with to the AR.Drone first. Then start connecting secondary devices. Once Drone Ace determines the AR.Drone is already being controlled, it will allow you to connect as a non controller.

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Drone Ace App Control Options

When using the iPad 2 as a display you can mirror the video to your HDMI compatible television while controlling the AR.Drone from a second device.

Control Options:

•Standard accelerometer (default AR.Drone style).
•Reversed Standard (left handed).
•RC Mode 1,2,3, and 4
•Optional elevation control inversion.
•Optional combined yaw for coordinated turns.
•Autonomous target stalking with yaw and elevation or yaw, elevation, and pitch. (target following).

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Drone Ace app to record and broadcast videos

Drone Ace allows you to record video from either the horizontal or vertical camera or a combination of the two. You can switch channels or even take pictures while recording. The videos are all full frame without black border even from the bottom camera.

This app is also the only app that ignores the device tilt settings when you choose to not use the accelerometer. Other apps can cause unexpected results from stick style control.

Drone Ace allows flyers to have full range of control when using the sticks instead of a fractional finger movement causing a full blown command.

A major portion of development time was spent tweaking the joystick controls. We hope that flyers will enjoy the improved precision and range of motion provided by Drone Ace.

The joystick touch detection algorithms allow fine control and reduce accidental elevation and roll changes when what you meant to do was pitch or yaw. (e.g. You can put the AR.Drone into a full power spin without changing altitude).

LED control and AR Drone action animations are configured while on the ground via an optional three button HUD overlays on the left and right side of the screen. After take-off, these buttons change from configuration buttons to command buttons and send commands to the drone.

User selectable HUD styles, Aviator and Minimal, keep the drone pilot informed with instrumentation showing altitude, roll, pitch, and battery level.

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